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Georgia Arbor Day - February 18th

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The right way to plant a tree

By June White 

It is distressing when a new plant you have dreamed of, hoped for, sought, found, purchased, and planted in your yard begins to slowly or quickly die. What happened? Maybe you planted it wrong.

There is a right way to plant a tree.


Dig a bowl-shaped hole twice as wide but no deeper than the rootball.  Do not loosen the dirt in the bottom of the hole. This could cause the rootball to sink as the dirt settles, and end up below ground level.

Bowl-shaped hole twice as wide but no deeper than the rootball of the tree

Prepare the rootball.  Massage it with your hands to loosen the roots if they have matted up in the pot. Score it with a knife in several places if the roots are going around and around the surface of the rootball. If there are straggly roots hanging down that will wad up in the bottom of the hole, cut them off.

Rootball is 8 inches.
Depth of hole is 8 inches.

Place the rootball in the hole. Refill the hole just halfway with loosened dirt. Break up clumps. Fill the hole with water. When that water has soaked in, fill the hole the rest of the way with dirt. Water again to settle everything.  

Place rootball in hole and fill halfway with dirt
Fill the hole with water and allow to soak in.
Fill the hole with dirt.
Water again.

With the rest of the dirt, build a little dam all the way around the planting area to retain water.  

Build a dam to hold water.

Mulch around the tree to keep moisture in and keep down weeds, but don’t let the mulch touch the trunk of the tree. 

Be sure to water the new tree’s root zone twice a week during dry spells.  Even tough native trees and shrubs need this when they are newly planted.


Choose from a variety of native trees to enhance your garden’s beauty and ecological value. Many native trees are host plants for our native butterflies and moths, and provide abundant food in the form of berries, fruit and nuts. Native trees also provide homes and nesting sites for many of our birds and other wildlife species.

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