Birdsong Trails

Galangal Welcome to Birdsong! We hope you enjoy your visit. We have 565 acres of land to share with you, linked by 12 miles of nature trails. Formerly a plantation, then a cattle farm, this land is now managed to create a mosaic of varied habitats that support a wide diversity of wildlife.

Our mission is to foster an awareness, understanding and appreciation of nature and its interrelationships and we want our visitors to have every opportunity to experience nature first hand in a beautiful and peaceful natural setting.


For all visitors to have this opportunity, we encourage walking, hiking, bird watching, wildlife observation, botanizing and other nature-related and educational activities.

To maintain the serene environment needed for these activities, we do not permit dogs or other pets, running or jogging, bicycles, 4-wheelers, or vehicles on the trails.

If you would like those kinds of opportunities, we can recommend several fine parks about 20 minutes away that have multiple-use trails where dogs, running and bikes are welcome.

We invite you to visit the Bird Window, Butterfly Garden, Listening Place, and other features on the property such as the 43-box Bluebird Trail, Big Bay Swamp, the Farm Pond and Upper Pond, Frog Pond and Spring Pond, and the many natural habitats linked by our trail system. Please stop by the office or registration booth for a map and newsletter. We hope you enjoy your visit and have a great natural experience; please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

If you are handicapped and need vehicular assistance getting to the Listening Place, please call in advance if possible and we can make arrangements to help you.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit and return soon!

Here is a Trail Map of Birdsong which will open in separate tab.