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Pleasing Plant Combinations
June Bailey White - Plant Sale Chair

Galangal Serious flower gardeners spend a lot of time and energy digging up plants and planting them back in a different place. Much of this work is unavoidable to maintain the health and vigor of the plants, as when daylilies or rudbeckia get too crowded and need dividing. But a lot of digging and rearranging is done for aesthetic reasons, such as when you decide something with a pink bloom at one end of the garden would look good next to something white which is now at the other end. Out comes the shovel.

Galangal A lot of work and stress on your plants could be saved if gardeners were able to put pleasing plant combinations together from the beginning. Some keen observation and plant knowledge goes into this. You have to know that the plants growing together have the same soil, light, and water requirements; that one won't aggressively crowd out its partner; that their flowering or showy season happens at the same time.

Galangal Be looking at your garden for gaps where you might put some of these plant combinations. In a seasonally changing garden it can help to mark with a flag or plastic label stuck in the ground with a note to yourself where each season's gaps are. The plant sale will be held on the third Saturday in March, the perfect time to fill these holes in your garden.

Pictured above: yellow austrinum azalea & white silverbell tree, pink garden phlox & white shasta daisies, white flowering tobacco with a pink rose.
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